The Boulder Community Health Ambassadors are making a difference!

Here's a quick snapshot of what we accomplished around the hospital in 2014:

$100,000 Funds raised by the BCH Ambassadors in support of the hospital during our 2 major fundraising events (including our Boulder Busts Cancer + Holiday Extravaganza)
$5,000 Grants awarded by the BCH Ambassadors (including mini-grants to enhance patient care at BCH + one-time grants to address special projects and causes)
$44,000 Scholarships awarded by the BCH Ambassadors to high school students + BCH Employees pursuing or furthering a career in a health care related field + Continuing Education for BCH Employees.
$11,000 Funds raised in 2014 for the hospital's Breast Cancer Treatment Fund by the BCH Ambassadors in conjunction with The CU Women's Tennis Marathon
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