Our Mission

The mission of the Boulder Community Health Ambassadors is to provide leadership to the community to generate and distribute funds that enhance the services provided by the hospital.

It is with great excitement that we look back on over 60+ years of history and turn to the future!  This is a dynamic time, and things in health care are changing on a daily basis. Boulder Community Health is in the midst of a comprehensive 10 year plan to reshape the hospital and its campuses.

The BCH Ambassadors continue with their efforts of supporting our community hospital in its reshaping endeavors.  We work both diligently and creatively to respond to those needs.

You, as a member of the Ambassadors, can make this possible by participating in programs and events that benefit BCH.

In 2016, we were able to make the following contributions to the hospital:

Our annual Holiday Extravaganza raised over $72,000 for the BCH Breast Cancer Treatment Fund

  • $45,500 toward scholarships for employees advancing in degree programs and high school students pursuing human health care studies
  • We gave $4,500 in mini-grants to enhance patient care at BCH
  • The CU Women’s Tennis Marathon raised $5,000 for the Breast Cancer Treatment Fund.
  • We gave over $2,000 in one-time grants to the BCH Ethics Committee!

In the past sixty years of serving the community, our organization has given over $2 million to our hospital through membership dues, donations, and fundraising.

We would be honored to have you as part of our organization.  We wholeheartedly appreciate your support and encourage you to get involved! If you have questions or just want to find out more, email us, or call the Ambassadors Office at (303) 415-7813.


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