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BCH Ambassadors were pleased to award $42,000 to 18 recipients through their 2019 Human Health Care Scholarship Program. A special reception on April 19th was held to honor these deserving individuals.

2019 BCHA Scholarship Recipients: Front Row-Savannah Ames, Anna Lettau-Frequez, Liz Leabch, Annabel Heath Back Row-Cameron Springer, Cristina Lan, Jenny Lane, Jennifer Craig Allie Reuter, Ally Roberts, Jeremy Brown, Riley Langer, Breegan McClish, Morgan Martin, Carlos Mendoza-Estrada Not pictured: Alexander Preston, Abbey Stephens and Nathan Dee
2019 BCH Employee Recipients: Jenny Lane, Jennifer Craig, Liz Leabch, Carlos Mendoza-Estrada
2019 High School Graduating Seniors: Cameron Springer (Boulder HS), Riley Langer (Monarch HS), Morgan Martin (Monarch HS), Annabel Heath (Monarach HS), Breegan McClish (Nederland HS). Not pictured: Alexander Preston (Peak to Peak HS)
Jeremy Brown, BCHA Volunteer recipient

2019 Former Recipients: Second Year Recipients – Cristina Lau, Anna Lettau-Frequez Third Year Recipients – Savannah Ames, Allie Reuter, Ally Roberts Fourth Year Recipient – Nathan Dee
Jenny Lane, BCH employee received the Betty Lu Hill Endowment Award that is given annual to a current BCH registered nurse or respiratory therapist who has shown exceptional dedication, commitment & compassion along with their desire to seek degree level education. Jenny is seeking her advanced degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner with an emphasis is Palliative Care.
BCH Employee for 13 years, Carlos Mendoza-Estrada received the Ron Secrist Endowment Award that is given to benefit the professional enrichment of a BCH employee who demonstrates leadership in the community & field of healthcare. Carlos is seeking his advanced degree as a registered nurse.
Riley Langer (Monarch HS senior) and Breegan McClish (Nederland HS senior) shared the honor of receiving the Pat Shoemaker Endowment Award, This award is available to BCH employees or graduating high school seniors who have shown exceptional dedication & commitment along with their desire to seek degree level education. Riley will be attending CSU in the fall and Breegan will be attending Western Colorado University.
BCH Ambassadors honor 18 recipients for their annual Huma Health Care Scholarship Program
Terry Hinkelman, 2019 Scholarship Co-Chair, Sheila Clemenson, 2019 Scholarship Co-Chair, Beth Schwartz, BCH Foundation Program Manager and scholarship interviewer, Virginia Carducci, BCHA Leadership Council & scholarship Interviewer


The 2018 BCH Scholarship recipients were honored at the annual scholarship reception held on April 13th.  Awards totaled $36,500 and were given to 15 outstanding individuals. High School Graduating Seniors: Jaqueline Ibarraz (Boulder), Cristina Lau (home schooled), Anna Lettau-Fresquez (Fairview),  Abbey Stephens (Fairview). BCH College Volunteer:  Hannah Pfrommer (CU) Former Recipients:  Savannah Ames, Nathan Dee, Mari Jewels, Bryan Nycz, Korie Pries, Alison Roberts, and… Continue Reading

2017 Human Health Care Recipients

Congratulations to our 2017 Human Health Care Recipients (see photos below): High School Seniors: Joshua Frank (Niwot), Apoorva Gundu (Peak to Peak), Janelle McBride (Monarch), Carly Remington (Monarch), Allie Reuter (Monarch), Ally Roberts (Monarch). BCH Employees: Shawn Crespi, Marta Dow, Emma Kenyon, Sarah Mandel, Patricia Stiffer. BCH Volunteer: Jessica Yan. Former Recipients: Savannah Ames, Dessa… Continue Reading

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